Executive Team


Davon Ajayi, President of Operations

Bio. Baltimore, Maryland.

What motivates you? My son, family, and the Marine Corps.

Mr. Davon A. Ajayi was appointed President of Operations early 2017. Mr. Ajayi has his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice-Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He has spent over 13 honorable years in the United States Marine Corps. Having served his country he has been forded the opportunity to meet and train many Marines.  He brings a solid skill set and great work ethic to the organization.

Ricky Gates, Executive Member

Bio.  I was raised in the small country fields of Hubbard, TX. Then my lovely mother moved us to the city of Waco, TX when I was 11 years of age. After high school, I knew that I was destined for greater endeavors. Reading along with spiritual growth help me become the man I am today.

What life lessons have you learned in the military? All of the knowledge that I've gained in the military has been very valuable but one lesson that will always stay with me is "be yourself no matter what".

What is WRÓM to you? WRÓM is a mentality that is stimulating to the mind, body, and soul. That may sound cliche, however it takes effort and consistency to elevate those three fazes of life I just named.   

Interesting fact. My drive is at an all time high! Nothing can stop or slow down my greatness.