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WROM pronounced Rome is an acronym for We Run On Motivation. We manufacture and sell fitness apparel. Our quality rivals other well-known brands at a better price for our customers. Everyone can run on motivation, WROM calls people to take action.

Mission Igniting the passion in individuals to perform and excel through self-motivation.


What motivates you? Many things spark the motivation in me leaving behind a legacy for my family, evolving to become a better person, and of course fitness. 

Alfred M. III, is an accountant by trade and a fitness enthusiast for life. He has worked as an auditor at various CPA firms in Texas, Florida, also in the District of Columbia while serving as an United States Marine Non-Commissioned Officer. Alfred's main objective is to ensure WRÓM's mission is being carried out and keep the company moving forward. He holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Accounting from Columbia College. He's on a quest to show the world that through fitness and motivation one can achieve all things under the sun. Growing up in a household where his mother always instilled hard work and dedication it's quite natural for him to give the vision of WRÓM everything he has.  He lives his life around a simple philosophy, "Dream Big-Don't be afraid to fail life is only a fight against your defeat, perspective is key".   


What motivates you? My son, family, and the Marine Corps.

Mr. Davon A. Ajayi was appointed President of Operations early 2017. Mr. Ajayi has his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice-Homeland Security and Emergency Management. He has spent over 13 honorable years in the United States Marine Corps. Having served his country he has been forded the opportunity to meet and train many Marines.  He brings a solid skill set and great work ethic to the organization.

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