Adrian A.

Bio. Fort Worth Native. Dallas Resident. I grew up in the DFW area all my life. I come from a large family of 7 siblings. First generation student who was also active in high school and collegiate sports. I currently am part of Verizon and I am working to attain an MBA in Finance.

What motivates you? Family, friends, myself, success, living a care free and joyous life. Knowing that I am not where I want to be is fuel to the fire. The people around me that communicate that I inspire them in some way is my drive. People look up to me and vice versa. There is a never ending motivation within me to be the best that I can be.

What made you get into the sport of powerlifting? I never was into this sport prior to 2015. I started a “powerlifting style” program Dec 2015 and the rest is history. Seeing myself get strong day by day and be able to become knowledgeable in this sport is the main reason I do it. I have increased my strength significantly and love the comradery that others in this sport possess.

What are some of your hobbies? Eating! I love to eat sushi and just about anything that deals with protein. I also love to travel all over the world. I plan to live on an island one day. I also enjoy reading, spending time with family, learning new languages, researching everything, creating laughter with friends and family, and listening to music.

Interesting fact. I am the best snowboarder ever!


Alley W.

Bio. I am from Fort Worth, TX and currently live in Las Colinas-Irving area. I am a Kindergarten teacher in East Dallas!

What does fitness mean to you? Fitness is life… and maybe running around 25 five year old children all day! Fitness means being able to do things without the fear that it might be too hard. It means endurance, being able to withstand physical activity whether it be a run, a hike or a weightlifting workout for a period of time. I think fitness is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, there are no limits when it comes to being fit!

What attracts you to WRÓM? WRÓM itself attracts me to the brand. I love what it stands for and the message promotes motivation and a positive mindset, what’s not to love about that? I believe in the message and I believe we do whatever we are motivated to do. WRÓM not only helps me to remember but other people as wellthat we have the power to make the changes within ourselves.

In your opinion what makes WRÓM different from other brands? WRÓM is different than other brands because there is a significant and real message behind it and it relates to all people. There is no other brand that promotes motivation to everyone like WRÓM does.

Interesting fact. I love everything astrology!!

Corey S.

Bio. Coming Soon

Davon A.

Bio. I am from Baltimore, Maryland.

What motivates you?My Son, Family and the Marine Corps.

How has the military changed your life? The Corps has given me the discipline to follow through to accomplish any tasks put in front of me. Brotherhood, I have many people who I can call on when I’m in need. “Never Leave A Marine behind”.

What attracts you to WRÓM?The name in it’s selfWeRunOnMotivation. Its applicable to every aspect in my life. Fitness, Finance and Relationships . It’s all about being motivated to get to the next level in life.

Interesting fact. I have served 12 years in the United States Marine Corps and served two overseas tours.

Gabriel C.

Bio. I was Born and raised in Waco, Texas. Growing up playing football, soccer, weight lifting and running track. I grew up with 12 brothers and sisters there was always a competitive mindset whether it was in sports or in academics. After high school I attended some college at MCC and then later moved to San Antonio to finish school. Unfortunately I was dropped from my classes due to late registration and in turn I enlisted into the United States Navy.

How has the military helped me? The main characteristic that was acquired while I was in the military that I still utilize today is that if you want anything done, you have to go for it and do it yourself. This is a self motivating desire you must have to be persistent and consistent in your daily activities.

What motivates me? The fear of being complacent because I know there is so much more to earn in the world whether it be with more schooling, traveling, goals etc. Settling for complacency means that I’m just an average person. Being average is not apart of my lifestyle, I have goals that I must reach. I’m intended to inspire others and help pave he way with my successes to show that it is not impossible to achieve your dreams.

How do I spend my free time? When I do get a little down time I enjoy cooking and trying different recipes on the grill or in the kitchen. I love the outdoors, which includes camping, hiking, hunting, and anything near the lake, or oceans.

Lindsey P.

Bio. I’m from Fort Worth, TX. I’m a stay at home mom to twin boys and I enjoy running.

What does fitness mean to you? To me fitness is a lifestyle. As a wife and mom of twins, my life is busy. It is my job to be the best mom that I can be, which includes setting an example of fitness and health to my children. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle and be fitness oriented so that I can be strong for my family. I want to be the best version of myself and I to to push myself further everyday.

What attracts you to WRÓM? I love what WRÓM stands for—We Run On Motivation. Everyday I dig deep and motivate myself to be stronger than I was the day before. I’m the only person that stands in the way of me reaching my goals.

What do you do to stay fit? I love to run. However I haven’t always been a runner. After having my twins I had to find something to do to get back in shape, but it had to be something I could do with my babies. So we started running as a family. I started by running 100 meters at a time. Now I’m working towards my first half marathon. I love running because it’s always me against myself. I”m always striving to be my own times, working towards my own personal records. I also do some strength training and weight lifting.

Interesting fact. I love my sleep. I make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep refuels my body.

Melanie B.

Bio. From Jacksonville, Florida. I enjoy working out and showing the world how to eat clean.

What does your gym day consist of? My routines usually consist of 15 minutes of cardio, 1-2 hours of weight training, and I end with another 10-15 mins of light cardio.

What is your favorite workout? Alternating sumo squats and leg presses

Who is your favorite athlete? Arnold Schwarzenegger


Nestor H.

Bio. Originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to Texas when I was young and the rest is history.

What do you think about cross training? I love that cross training throws a new workout at you every single day and it has increased my overall strength. There are a lot of things that cross training teaches an individual like perseverance, discipline, and to be one who encourages others.

What is your favorite type of workout? My favorite workouts would have the be AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), they push my body further than I can imagine in a reasonable time range. My favorite movements are pull ups, and anything squat related!

Hobbies. I like to spend my spare time working out and playing basketball. I also enjoy spending quality time with my family.

Interesting fact. Well my first language is Spanish, but I lost it over the years. I’m working on becoming fluent again.

Ricky Gates

Bio. I was raised in the small country fields of Hubbard, TX. Then my lovely mother moved us to the city of Waco, TX when I was 11 years of age. After high school, I knew that I was destined for greater endeavors. Reading along with spiritual growth help me become the man I am today.

What life lessons have you learned in the military? All of the knowledge that I’ve gained in the military has been very valuable but one lesson that will always stay with me is “be yourself no matter what”.

What is WRÓM to you? WRÓM is a mentality that is stimulating to the mind, body, and soul. That may sound cliche, however it takes effort and consistency to elevate those three fazes of life I just named.

Interesting fact. My drive is at an all time high! Nothing can stop or slow down my greatness.

Stephen G.

Bio. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas and I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

What attracted you to Olympic lifting? Well funny thing is I originally went to do Crossfit then I saw they had a barbell club and I really wanted to master the snatches and jerks. So I joined the barbell club and haven’t looked back, I love it.

What’s your favorite lift? Well that’s hard to choose because I like both but if I had to choose one I would have to say the clean and jerk. I like this movement because I have a love hate thing with the snatches. The clean and jerk on the other hand consist of two movements in one lift. Although it takes a lot out of me I love the feeling.

Who is your favorite Olympic lifter? Luis Mosquera

Timothy H.-WRÓM’S


Thomas M.-WRÓM’S